Day tours Cusco

Day tours Cusco

Cusco Day Tours. The Tahuantinsuyo was the name that the Inca dynasty gave to the vast territory that they conquered and administered between the 11th and 15th centuries; The Inca Empire encompassed the current countries of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. The city of Cusco founded by the Spanish conquerors in 1534; Originally it was called Qosqo by Incas and it was the capital and the most important sacred, political and economic city of Tahuantinsuyo.

Cusco Day Tours. Cusco in addition to its jewel of the emperor «machu Picchu»; and its world-renowned hiking trails, it has many other tourist destinations to offer. No trip to the capital of the Incas will be complete without visiting its beautiful archaeological remains, textile centers, Llamas and Alpacas farms; traditional markets and indigenous villages.

The archaeological centers located in the surroundings of Cusco, are regulated by the Peruvian state; However, the availability of spaces is much greater than that of Machu Picchu, so you can book your excursion up to two days in advance.

We have the following categories:

  • Archaeological and colonial destinations; these can be visited by doing the Traditional Cusco City Tour.
  • Colonial and cultural destinations; that allow you to know local markets, local food and current traditions of the city.
  • Experiential Tourism Tour; excursions that will allow you to be in direct contact with the local people and their customs.

We have 6 tours for you to choose from: all of them are in group service; However, if you want to hike only with your friends or family, we also have the option of private service.

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