Empowering women

Women empowerment

woman, stop, rest, breathe and keep going

Women in Peru represent a minority both in number and in legal rights.

After the Spanish conquest, the culture in what is now Peru became increasingly patriarchal; The patriarchal culture is still remarkable, women receive less money than men, they have fewer job and political opportunities and sometimes they are mistreated without repercussions.

The availability of contraceptives is not enough for the demand, and more than a third of pregnancies end in abortions.

Maternal mortality rates are also some of the highest in South America.

The Peruvian government has begun efforts to combat the high maternal mortality rate and the lack of female political representation, as well as violence against women.

That is why, Incas Path, as a sustainable company, decided to empower the women of Peru by creating many ways to offer them equitable, adequate jobs: also advice so that they can start their own businesses and be independent little by little.

women empowerment through tourism

The tourism industry and society are giving us the perfect opportunity to make the world a fairer place for everyone.

Since we opened Incas Path we have been creating equal opportunities between men and women; Our girls are working in various areas of the company: some of them work as a sales representative, in the logistic area, in the operation area and many more as cooks and porters.

We stablished a cozy place for our women porter

We realized that changing the macho culture in Peru is not easy, that is why we would like to make sure that our women guides and porters are safe, comfortable and happy working with us.

We create rules to ensure their tranquility and comfort on all our excursions.

  • Do not drink at work, as this leads to poor and disrespectful choices
  • Do not use violent, sexual or profane language.
  • Do not touch the girls under any circumstances or make jokes.

Why is empowering women important to us?

According to the ONU, there are 1,200 people in the world who live on $ 1 a day, and 70% of them are women.

We wish to change this statistic, giving women the opportunity to have fair and equal jobs within our excursions; we are sure that with your help we will achieve it.