Salkantay Trek

Salkantay Trek

Salkantay Trekking

The Machu Picchu Salkantay Trekking; is considered one of the 25 most amazing treks in the world. Each travel agency has different itineraries and activities. However keep in mind that the most prominent places and activities of the Classic Salkantay Trek are: the wonderful turquoise lagoon of Humantay, camping at the foot of the Salkantay snow-capped mountain, being part of the process of making artisan coffee; and camping at Llactapata: the Machu Picchu overlook.

The hike through the Salkantay Trekking will lead you to the Salkantay Pass; is located at 4600 meters. From this place you have a 360 degree view of the second highest snow-capped mountain in the Cusco region. It also allows you to experience 11 life zones; there are a great variety of birds, 450 types of orchids and an unique camping experience.

Within our excursions in Salkantay Trekking; we have the following alternatives.

  • First, the Classic Salkantay Trek by Llactapata; which has a duration of 5 days and allows you to spend the night in a beautiful Machu Picchu overlook.
  • Second, the Short Salkantay Trek By Llactapata; excursion that lasts 4 days and allows you to hike through Llactapata.
  • Third, the Salkantay Trek & Inca Trail Tour; which has a duration of 6 days and allows you to combine, two of the best trails in the world.

We have 3 Salkantay Trekking Tours for you to choose from: all of them are in group service; However, if you want to hike only with your friends or family, we also have the option of private service.

Salkantay Trek
Tours: Salkantay Trek & Humantay Lake
4 Days

Salkantay Trek & Humantay Lake

Salkantay Trek is the best known trekking alternative to the Inca Trail hike, the level of difficulty is similar to that of the Classic Inca Trail

From $800

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Salkantay Trek
Tours: Salkantay Trek &  Inca Trail Tour 6 days
6 Days

Salkantay Trek & Inca Trail Tour 6 days

This Unbelievable tour allows you to mix the two more famous and beatifull hikes in Peru, the Salkantay trek and the Inca Trail to Machupicchu in 6 days avoiding with our itinerary the crowds and giving you a complete experiencie in hiking ..

From $900

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