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Empowering women

hey miss, break your chains and hike with us

Women in Peru represent a minority both in number and legal rights. After the spanish conquest, the culture in what is now is Peru became increansingly patriarchal. The patriachal culture remains remarkable . Women recieve les pay than men, have fewer employment and political opportunities and are sometimes mistreated witout repercussions. The availability of contraceptives is not sufficient for demand, and more than a third of pregnancies end in abortions. Maternal mortality rates are also some of the highest in South America. The peruvian goverment has begun efforts to combat the high maternal mortality rate and the lack of female political representation, as well as violence against women. On this understanding Incas Path as a sostainable company decided to empower women in the highlands creating many ways to offer them proper equal jobs and give them advice so that they can create their own businesses and be independent litle by litle.

We established cozy place for our women porters?

We realized that changes the macho culture in Peru is not easy, on this understanding we want to be sure our female guides and porters are extra safe, comfortable and happy working for us.

The rules we created to have a comfortable place at Incas Path

  • Don´t drint at work, as this causes poor and disrespecful choices
  • Don´t use violent,sexual language or profanity
  • Don´t touch the girls under any circumstances or make heavy jokes

Why empowering women is transcedent for Incas Path?

According the ONU in the world there is 1200 people that lives with 1 dólar a day and 70 % of them are women. We wish changing this doing our part empowering women giving them proper equal jobs. With your help we will have more chances to do it.